Corporal George Johnson


George Johnson enlisted into Company H, 22nd U.S.C.T. on December 29, 1863 at Camp Penn. This regiment was credited to New Jersey as many recruits were from that state. It served in Virginia in 1864 around the defenses of Petersburg and Richmond. After Lincoln’s Assassination, the 22nd USCT participated in the President’s funeral procession. It served on the Maryland shore of the Potomac River during the hunt for John Wilkes Booth. From Maryland, the 22nd USCT was ordered to Texas where it served until October of 1865. Private George Johnson was promoted to Corporal August 1st, 1865. Corporal Johnson mustered out of service with his company on October 16, 1865. He died in May of 1888.


Private Charles Thomas


Private Charles Thomas enlisted on August 9, 1864 in Company H, 45th USCT where the regiment was trained at Camp Penn. Private Thomas fought in many of the battles surrounding Richmond, Virginia. After the surrender of the Army of Northern Virginia in April of 1865 at Appomattox, the 45th USCT was ordered to Texas along the Mexico Border at Edinburg. Private Thomas mustered out of US service on August 15, 1865. The 45th USCT was credited to Pennsylvania; however, there were a lot of men from West Virginia serving in the regiment. Officially, the 45th USCT mustered out of US service in November of 1865. Charles died in 1907 at the age of 69.